TrafficBox™: a Portable and Securable Scanner

SMATS Traffic Solutions has launched TrafficBox™, which is a pole-mount, battery-driven Wi-Fi and Bluetooth sensor. It can be secured and placed at any location of interest to gather data for many days at a time.

The TrafficBox™ is placed within a sturdy shockproof and waterproof carrying case, enabling easy transportation to any place. The pole-mount design enables rapid and easy fixing and removal, which makes data collection seamless.

Image Credit: SMATS Traffic Solutions

Image Credit: SMATS Traffic Solutions

Better Detection Rate

In contrast to regular Bluetooth technologies, the hybrid Bluetooth and Wi-Fi scanning boost the detection rate of the TrafficBox™, enhancing the dependability and accuracy of the gathered traffic data.

Scanning Range

The TrafficBox™ Wi-Fi module delivers modifiable scanning coverage, such that the detection area and direction can be altered on site. Modifiable Bluetooth low-energy coverage is also provided.

Cloud Storage

The SMATS cloud server has been developed for storing the gathered data for its clients. The data can be uploaded to the server at the site instantly or saved in local storage memory.

Raw Data

Thanks to access to raw data, together with filtered analytics, SMATS’ clients have total control to create optimization models and execute data-driven solutions for their traffic issues.

TrafficBox Set-Up & Data Collection Tutorial

Video Credit: SMATS Traffic Solutions

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