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UNDX-1 Pocket Geiger Counter from United Nuclear Scientific LLC

Our new UNDX-1 Pocket Geiger Counter is an impressive performer. It is ideal for everything from checking scrap metal for radiation contamination to lab & industrial uses - as well as for Uranium prospecting.

The UNDX-1 instantly indicates levels of Beta, Gamma, and X-Ray radiation by a series of audible 'clicks' (and 'beeps at higher levels) from an internal speaker and by the compressed-scale meter. At low & background levels of radiation, the unit emits an audible 'click' for each particle or ray detected up to about 10 mR/hr. If the radiation levels rise above 10 mR/hr, the unit will begin to 'beep' with increasing frequency as the radiation level increases, becoming a continuous tone above 20 mR/hr.

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