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Infrared Thermometer IR-60EXPL2 Series from 3M Select

Product Details:

  • Hi-Lo alarms for pre-programmed temperature ratings.
  • Laser sighting for enhanced accuracy.
  • 60:1 distance-to-spot ratio.
  • Temperature measurement ranges from a low -25°F (-32°C) to a high 1600°F (870°C.)

For the ultimate in data logging, the 3M IR-60EXPL2 Infrared Thermometer not only measures to a maximum 1600°F, but adds the versatility of direct computer connection for data downloads or printing.

Additionally, the IR-60EXPL2 stores up to 100 data points allowing for easy set-up of preventative maintenance programs. Accuracy is further enhanced with a 3 dot laser sight, adjustable emissivity, and Hi and Lo alarm features. Forms a vertical line at the focus point and smallest measurement spot.

The contact probe accessory allows contact measurement of reflective surfaces. Lightweight, rugged and built to withstand use in industrial environments, the point-and-shoot operation and back-lit LCD digital analogue display make these units user friendly.

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