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GeigerActiv pro SE Geiger Counter from anythingradioactive

It’s the World’s First Nuclear Powered Geiger Counter. That’s right, this specially developed variant of the GeigerActiv pro derives its power from the biggest nuclear reactor of them all, our Sun. Fitted to the rear of the case is a 30 x 35mm silicon solar panel that charges a NiMh (nickel metal hydride) AAA cell inside the case. Two are supplied with the unit, so it’s always ready for use. The solar cell will even power the GeigerActiv pro SE directly on a really sunny day. If it’s cloudy or you want to do a spot of night-time detecting you can pop in an ordinary non-rechargeable AAA cell. Either way you can expect it to run continuously for between 100 and 200 hours on a fresh battery (depending on the type/state of charge). The outfit also comes with a USB charger, so the cells can be recharged from your PC or a suitable mains adaptor (not supplied).

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