ZephIR™ 2.5: MCT Camera for eSWIR Imaging

The ZephIR 2.5 from Photon etc. is a specifically developed HgCdTe camera that is completely integrated with a focal plane array (FPA) of 320 x 256 pixels sensitive from 850 to 2500 nm. The camera offers low noise detection and simple operation as a result of its four-stage thermoelectric cooler (TEC). The cooler has the ability to maintain operating temperature as low as −80 °C.

The forced air heat dissipation of the TEC avoids the need for maintenance that is usually necessitated by a liquid nitrogen-cooled or water-cooled unit and does not experience the restricted lifetime of Stirling mechanical coolers. The hardware coded region of interest (ROI) of the camera allows the user to select between a windowed rate of up to 3000 frames per second (fps) and a full-frame rate of 340 fps.

Key Features

  • Measures around 0.85 to 2.5 µm
  • HgCdTe (MCT) FPA
  • Low noise level
  • Four-stage thermoelectric cooling
  • Up to 3000 fps available for a 64 x 64 pixels ROI

Applications Overview

  • Remote sensing: Aerial imagery offers foundational context and visualization of ground conditions, authorizing organizations to make crucial and time-sensitive decisions.
  • Process monitoring and inline sorting: Classifying systems for plastic versus biocomposite or paper versus cardboard help enhance the secondary material quality.
  • Mining and geology: Help geologists spend less time logging data and more on interpretation while enhancing the quality, consistency and timeliness of the geological data that has been captured.
  • Agribusiness: Enhance the quality of soil or food by examining the contaminants present in soils, the sugar or water content of fruits, or fat and protein levels in the liquid.
  • Metrology: Examine the beam profiling and characterize SWIR laser.

Cooling Swir Sensors: An Overview

Dark current is a crucial parameter while searching for ways to obtain a scientific imaging camera, particularly in the short-wave infrared (SWIR) region.

Great attention must be paid to the cooling technique that has been utilized to improve this parameter. It comes with multiple cooling technologies, each having some advantages and disadvantages. In its ZephIR and Alizé line of SWIR cameras, Photon etc. makes use of a four-stage thermoelectric (TE4) air-cooled system to improve the sensitivity of its imaging sensors.

Product Specifications

Source: Photon etc

. ZephIR 2.5
Focal plane array (FPA) HgCdTe
FPA size (px) 320 x 256
Pixel size (µm) 30
Spectral range (QE > 10%) 0.85 - 2.5 µm
FPA operating temperature -80 °C
Dark current (sensor at -80 °C) Target at 21 °C: < 30 (Typ. ~20) Mē/px/s
Gain setting (ē/ADU) High: 10.3 | Low: 216
Readout noise (ē) High: 150 | Low: 980
Digitization (bits) 14
Frame rate in CameraLink™ (fps) Up to 340 full frame. 2000 for a 64x64 px ROI
Frame rate in USB 3.0 (fps) Up to 340 fps full frame. 2000 fps for a 64x64 px ROI
Quantum efficiency Up to 85%
Computer interface CameraLink™ or USB 3.0
Dimensions 169 mm x 130 mm x 97.25 mm
Weight 2.6 kg

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