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Odometers from Eastern Electronics SVC

Digital Odometers are not trouble free, they can fail. If you notice missing segments on your odometer, an odometer reading of “Error,” the display going on and off, or a blank display, it is because of an electrical, hardware, or software problem with the Odometer, not something else in the vehicle. It needs to be repaired and we can fix it.

Electromechanical Odometers Failures:

This kind of odometer may stop working. Common failures are stops accumulating, clicking noise, trip odometer not resetting to zero, accumulate more or less miles than you drive, accumulate miles while idling, working intermittently, etc.

Mechanical (cable-driven) Odometers:

Most common problems with these speedometers are: Odometer stops accumulating due to mechanical ware or the gear and worm gears break or get stuck.

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