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GENEQTotal Solar Pyranometers from GENEQ Inc.

Our total solar pyranometers includes the TSP-700, TSP-700/A, TSP-400, and TSP-1 00. These precision meteorological instruments measure global (direct and diffuse) total solar radiation, and meet or exceed World Meteorological Organization (WMO) requirements. They are ruggedly designed for long-term field use. Total solar pyranometers measure total solar radiation by comparing the temperature of a radiation -absorbing surface with a radiation-shielded reference.

The TSP-700 provides a high-level, low-impedance output signal, superior linearity and long-term calibration stability, excellent cosine response completely free of axial asymmetry errors, and freedom from the effects of changes in ambient temperature. The TSP-700 is ventilated to minimize the effects of changes in atmospheric temperature and to eliminate dew formation on the dome. Three levels of heating are provided for dew removal depending on installation requirements.

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