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Discover the MX 62 TP: A Control Unit for Data Logging

The MX 62 TP Control Unit from Teledyne Oldham Simtronics is an innovative, user-friendly data logging device. It also acts as an alarm unit for gas and flame detection systems.


  • A back up processor to ensure continual measurement
  • 64 secure channels
  • Embedded web page functionality
  • Direct links, networks, and loops
  • Modular and flexible
  • Reduces installation costs
  • Color touch screen
  • Event Log
  • Location of detection points on image/drawing of the site (optional)

The MX 62 TP has a unique HMI interface intended to improve user-controller interactions, as well as the latest data logger and alarm unit for gas and flame detection systems.

A large, completely interactive 10" (up to 15") high-definition color touchscreen simplifies this interaction by providing clearer visualization of important gas detection data.

The new gas detection system MX 62 TP

Video Credit: Teledyne Lumenera

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