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Industrial Heat Flux Sensor - IHF01

The IHF01 industrial heat flux sensor is designed to measure heat flux and temperature in demanding, high-temperature industrial environments. This industrial heat flux sensor is waterproof, capable of withstanding high pressures, and exceptionally robust. Featuring signal wires electrically insulated from the sensor body, it meets stringent industrial safety standards, including CE and ATEX for explosive areas. IHF01 is ideal for trend monitoring and comparative testing applications. If you need an industrial heat flux sensor with a higher sensitivity, please refer to our IHF02 sensor.


Source: Hukseflux Thermal Sensors B.V.

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Measurand heat flux, temperature
Measurement range (-1000 to +1000) x 10³ W/m²
Sensitivity (nominal) 9 x 10⁻⁹ V/(W/m²)
Heat flux sensor thermopile
Temperature sensor thermocouple type K
Calibration traceability to SI units
Recommended number of sensors 2 per measurement location
Rated operating temperature ranges :
sensor and high temperature cable -30 to +900 °C
optional black coating -30 to +650 °C
low temperature extension cable -30 to +240 °C
IP protection class IP67
Standard cable lengths :
high-temperature cable 1 m (see options)
low-temperature extension cable 3 m (see options)
Order code IHF01 - high temperature cable length in m - low temperature extension cable length in m



  • Longer cable (convey the combined length of both types of cables in meters)
  • A low-temperature extension cable having two connectors: a matching cable connection and a chassis connector
  • Black coating
  • EC type examination certificate (ATEX) II 2G Ex db IIC T6
  • Connector at the IHF01 cable end
  • Chassis connector with internal wiring (wiring color codes that match cable color codes)


IHF01 Measures Heat Flux and Surface Temperature of Industrial Equipment

The IHF01 industrial heat flux sensor accurately measures heat flux and surface temperature in various industrial equipment such as furnaces, boilers, fluidized beds, distillation columns, and ovens.

Protected by a fully sealed stainless steel body, IHF01 houses a thermopile and a type K thermocouple. Designed for durability, it is suitable for both long-term use at a single location and repeated installations in multiple locations when integrated into a measuring system.

This industrial heat flux sensor measures heat flux (in W/m²) through the object it is mounted on and provides temperature readings in °C. The thermopile measures the local heat flux, while the thermocouple measures the absolute temperature of the surface IHF01 is mounted on, as well as the approximate sensor body temperature. Both the thermopile and the thermocouple are passive sensors and do not require external power.

IHF01 – Industrial Heat Flux Sensor

Image Credit: Hukseflux Thermal Sensors B.V.

Operation of the IHF01 Industrial Heat Flux Sensor

IHF01 is easy to operate. It can be easily connected directly to commonly used data logging systems. Heat flux, measured in W/m², is calculated by dividing the IHF01 output (a small voltage) by the sensitivity, a value provided with IHF01 on its product certificate.

Engineered with heavy-duty cabling and a fully stainless steel casing that prevents moisture penetration, IHF01 has demonstrated exceptional reliability, making it suitable for enduring long-term outdoor installations.

IHF01 – Industrial Heat Flux Sensor

Image Credit: Hukseflux Thermal Sensors B.V.

IHF01 – Industrial Heat Flux Sensor

Image Credit: Hukseflux Thermal Sensors B.V.

How to measure heat transfer

Video Credit: Hukseflux Thermal Sensors B.V.

Suggested Use

  • In industrial installations, trend monitoring and comparison measurements of heat flux and surface temperature are performed. In case you need an industrial heat flux sensor with a higher sensitivity, please refer to model IHF02.

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