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Infra-Scan IR-101 Infra-Red Thermometer from FLIGHT STORE

Using the latest infrared temperature reading technology, this innovative product will allow you to measure accurately in a fraction of a second temperature levels without the need of touching the object matter. The thermometer is used contact-free for the measurement of stationary or moving objects such as the temperature inside various parts of a fridge or a certain parts of the body. The data is displayed on the LCD together with the minimum and maximum readings.

Continuous temperature measurements can be made by holding down the IR-101's button. Areas that are heating up very quickly, such as on machines or as the result of heat distribution in a room, can be detected in seconds. The IR-101 continuously captures minimum and maximum values and simultaneously displays them below the current temperature for quick evaluation of the hottest and coldest points. A data-hold function stores the last measurement value in the display. The IR-101 features a good D:S (distance to measuring spot) ratio of 5:1. For example, the diameter of the IR-101's measuring area is 10 cm at a 59 cm measuring distance.


  • The IR-101 provides easy, contact-free temperature measurement
  • For hard-to-reach and inaccessible locations.
  • On and inside buildings (heating and cooling loss, cold spots in a house)
  • For foodstuffs (no transfer of germs or opening of packaging)
  • On hot components (engines and other machinery, motorsports, model construction)
  • For heating and sanitation applications
  • For engineering
  • For cooking

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