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65017 High Reliability Hall Effect Sensor from Micropac Industries, Inc.

The 65017 Hall effect sensor detects the presence of a magnetic field and provides a switch output. It is packaged in a hermetically sealed three pin ceramic package and can be used in many harsh environments. An internal chopper stabilized amplifier eliminates input offset voltages normally associated with bipolar devices resulting in improved operating point stability. The output transistor will be “latched ON” in the presence of a sufficiently strong South pole magnetic field facing the marked side of the package. The output will be “latched OFF” in the presence of a resetting North pole magnetic field.


  • Wide operating temperature range -55°C to +150°C
  • High magnetic sensitivity
  • Low current CMOS Technology
  • Wide operating voltage range 3.5 to 20 V
  • Chopper stabilized amplifier minimizes amplifier offset resulting in improved temperature stability

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