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BBHME301 Hall Effect Vane Sensors from BB Automacao Inc.

BBHME301 Automotive Shaft Position Monitoring Sensor (replaced CYHME301) is designed to work in challenging environments such as manufacturing plants, automation installations, and replacement sensors for cars, trucks, and motorcycles. This device is produced in compliance with international standard, and it features: modern design, accuracy, endurance, narrow temperature drifting, smooth and clean output curve as well as non instantaneous dithering.

It is used in industrial machinery, electronic injection, automation, and several other applications. In the automotive industry it may be used as a trigger in electronic systems, in control engineering it may be used in those areas where switches/sensors must operate maintenance free under harsh environmental conditions, e.g. RPM sensors, limit switches, position sensors, speed measurements, shaft encoders, scanning of coding disks etc.

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