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Z-Side Proximity Sensors from Rapid Sensors Inc.

These products use the lateral side-surface of the sensor housing to sense the proximity of steel and iron mechanical parts and linkages. We can supply unique characteristics in or side-sensing proximity sensors, such as ZERO POWER-DRAIN during active sensing and TOTAL EMI/RFI IMMUNITY. These sensors are based on either ultra-long life switching technology (usually 100+ million operations) or on magneto-electronic solid-state technology for virtually infinite life.

This class of sensor is capable of small to very large sensing-gap distances from 1 mm up to even 25 mm (up to 1 inch), and also a range of current loads from logic-signals of 1 to 20 milli-Amperes, or (with simple modification) up to 200 milli-Amperes to power relay coil loads.

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