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NR60 Capacitive Level Sensors from Gemlog Controls Ltd.

Level sensors are of high quality, practically maintenance free and have a wide operating temperature range. They respond to the change of capacitance occurring when an electrode surrounded by air is immersed into the medium to be monitored. This capacitance change causes a circuit to oscillate which is processed electronically.

The different versions can be used as MIN/MAX sensors with closed circuit principle. Power failure and wire break are indicated the same way as incorrect medium level.

Models NR 150, NR 160 and NR 200 allow the selection of min / max switching by means of an integral selector switch, whereas models NR 80, NR 60 and NR 100 are factory-preset as a minimum or maximum sensor.

Model NR 200 features a potential-free relay change over contact, models NR 100, NR 150 and NR 160 a short circuit proof positive switching transistor output, and models NR 60 and NR 80 a minus switching transistor output.

Level Sensor NR 60 is designed to monitor water oils and fuel. It may also be used in automatic filling systems.

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