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VM25E & VM50E High Voltage AC or AC/DC Voltmeters from Ross Engineering Corporation

Ross Engineering Corporation’s Hi-Z® High Voltage Voltmeters are excellent for accurate capacitance voltage tap test point measuring, phasing, energized line indication, as well as direct HV line voltage measurement.

The VM25 model measures very low current high source impedance voltages in three or more ranges to 25KV. The VM50 and VM100 model measures up to 50KV and 100KV respectively, in four or more ranges. HV input is high impedance, 85 megohms to over 1,000 megohms as required. The meters are partially shielded against stray electrical fields and have a 125KV, 150KV or 300KV basic impulse test level. All the models utilize a large digital or analog meter scale for accurate voltage measurement. Basic accuracy is ±.5% digital and ±3% analog.

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