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Model 2010 Digital Accelerometer Module from Silicon Designs, Inc.

The model 2010 single axis accelerometer module is designed to be used with the model 3020 G-LOGGERTM Acceleration Acquisition System. Up to three 2010's may be connected to a G-LOGGERTM using a model 3901 Cable Adapter.

The 2010 contains a model 1010L accelerometer which features a micromachined capacitive sense element, a custom integrated circuit sense amplifier, and sigmadelta A/D converter. It provides a TTL/CMOS compatible output signal for measuring accelerations in commercial / industrial environments and is tailored for zero to medium frequency instrumentation applications. The anodized aluminum case is epoxy sealed and is easily mounted via two #4 (or M3) screws. It is relatively insensitive to temperature changes and gradients. An optional calibration sheet (2010-CAL) and periodic calibration checking are available.

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