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A/CTA Series Current Sensors from Advanced Industrial Systems, Inc.

The A/CTA Series current sensors monitor the current flowing to electrical equipment or buildings. The magnitude of this current is then converted into a linear and proportional 4 to 20 mA output signal, which can be monitored by your Building Management, DDC, or PLC controller. Current sensors are available in either an Average or True RMS output version. All of these sensors have jumper selectable input ranges except for the 0 to 5 Amp input range. The A/CTA and A/SCTA series current sensors are fast acting and extremely accurate from 1 to 100% of the Full Scale Output.

All of the A/CTA and A/SCTAseries current sensors are factory calibrated using an NIST Traceable standard and shipped with the jumper placed in the largest jumper selectable range.

In applications where the maximum current is larger than 250 Amps, the use of a traditional ratio:5 (5A) current transformer and the A/CTA-5 is recommended for best results. The A/CTA must be externally powered using 12 to 30V DC power.

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