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MLX90224 Dual Hall Effect Latch from Melexis Microelectronic Systems

The MLX90224 series are dual Hall effect latches. It includes two Hall effect latch functions of which typical thresholds are +/- 2.0 mT. In each latch, the magnetic flux detection is performed by a switched silicon Hall plate. The BOP and BRP are temperature-compensated and give a sensitivity temperature coefficient of 500 ppm/oC to compensate popular magnets. The MLX90224 A output transistor will be latched on (BOP) in the presence of a sufficiently strong South pole magnetic field facing the marked side of the package. Similarly, the output will be latched off (BRP) in the presence of a North field. Spacing on the plates is 1.85mm. The MLX90224 B series are designed for direction detection with a high speed chopper which provides 15ms delay.

Features and Benefits

  • Chopper Stabilized Amplifier Stage
  • CMOS for Optimum Stability, Quality and Cost
  • Dual Output 4.5V to 26V Operation
  • Phase/Direction Detection (B)

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