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Hydrogen Specific Sensor/Transmitter from RKI Instruments, Inc.

RKI offers unique proprietary sensor technologies for hydrogen specific detection in either the % LEL or PPM ranges. By utilizing a proprietary molecular sieve coating that is built into both our catalytic or solid state sensors, false alarms from typical hydrocarbon interfering gases are essentially eliminated.

For the LEL range, a special catalytic sensor is coated with a molecular sieve that eliminates the response to common background gases like IPA, methane, gasoline, etc. while providing a detection range of 0 — 100% LEL for hydrogen.

The hydrogen PPM sensor can reliably detect leaks 20 times smaller than a standard catalytic sensor. This solid state sensor has a molecular sieve coating on the sensing element, which filters out interference from other gases and provides a 0 — 2,000 PPM range. Both the LEL and PPM range sensors are available with 24 VDC transmitters with linear 4-20 mA outputs.


  • Explosion proof housing and sensor design
  • H2 specific solid state sensor for 0 - 2000 ppm
  • H2 specific catalytic sensor for 0 - 100%LEL
  • Molecular sieve filter built in; highly specific to H2
  • Eliminates false alarms from IPA and other gases
  • 4-20 mA transmitter, 24VDC

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