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COIN Flow Meter from Preso

The Preso COIN flow meter accommodates most flows, even the most abrasive. Accuracy and reliability are achieved by its rugged construction, practical design, and simple principle of operation. It stands alone in its ability to maintain the necessary square root relationship between flow rate and differential pressure for almost any type of flow:

  • Clean liquids
  • High viscosity fluids
  • Steam
  • Slurries
  • Corrosive processes
  • Gas/air

Even viscosity up to 3,000 centipoise does not affect the accuracy of the COIN flowmeter. The flow coefficient stays highly predictable down to the remarkably low Reynolds number of 300. This makes the series COIN flow meter ideal for such traditionally difficult-to-meter applications as fuel oil, waste water, coal tar, iron ores, black liquor, and others.

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