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Silva Clinomaster Clinometer from UKGE Ltd

The SILVA ClinoMaster is a hand-held instrument for measuring vertical angles. ClinoMaster is available in two versions featuring different sighting systems :

  • Lensatic
  • Prismatic

The ClinoMaster Lensatic is the traditional Clinometer model featuring an aluminium protected sighting system for withstanding the toughest conditions.

ClinoMaster Prismatic combines the traditional ClinoMaster features with a superbly clear and light-strong prismatic sighting system. Thanks to the construction it is extremely easy to obtain accurate readings even in dark conditions.

Sighting system: The ClinoMaster Lensatic is equipped with a parallax free glass lens magnification (10x) sighting system, integrated in the aluminium housing.The ClinoMaster Prismatic is equipped with an extremely light strong parallax free prismatic magnification (10x) sighting system on the aluminium housing.

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