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Xevox Pet motion detector from ABUS Security

The Xevox Pet motion detector is a motion sensor with one PIR sensor. It reacts to heat movement and reports it to the alarm centre. With this sensor, pets do not trigger an alarm.

The Xevox Pet motion detector is an animal-immune motion sensor. That means that it can tell the difference between persons and small animals such as pets. Whereas persons moving in the room are reliably detected, the sensor ignores pets up to 30kg in its monitoring.

The best place to install the equipment is in a corner, between 2.4 and 2.7 metres above the floor. The intruder’s possible direction of movement should be at right-angles to the sensor. Unsuitable for installation are all places opposite to sources of heat (e.g.: heating) or a window (sunshine). Do not install the motion sensor near to electric cables, gas lines or electronic equipment that generates heat during long periods of operation.

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