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Industrial Vacuum Furnace Thermocouple from TC Direct

Thermocouple sensors are used in industrial vacuum furnaces up to at least 1 x 10-6 mbar where temperatures up to 1600°C are experienced, although some users have been satisfied with their performance at 5 x 10-6 mbar. Available in thermocouple types K and N with an impervious aluminous porcelain sheath or thermocouple types R and S with an impervious recrystallised alumina sheath, they have a stainless steel support tube attached to a weatherproof connection head. The sensor can then be inserted into the application with a vacuum tight sealing assembly (ref 940-161) which can be purchased separately. Please see the sealing assembly section in this catalogue for more detailed specifications of the sealing assemblies. Whilst we offer a standard range of vacuum furnace thermocouples, due to the specialist nature of these sensors a full custom built service is available for both end users and OEM's.

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