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ALA-52B Radio Altimeter from Honeywell International Inc

The ALA-52B Radio Altimeter (RALT), designed and manufactured by Honeywell's Aerospace Electronics Systems, is part of the Quantum™ Line of communications and navigation equipment. The ALA-52B RALT, a lightweight, solid-state, airborne altimeter provides accurate digital height measurements above terrain during aircraft approach, landing, and climb-out phases. The operating range is -20 feet to +8000 feet. The ALA-52B RALT also contains fault memory and provides built-in test equipment (BITE) interfaces for use in a Central Maintenance Computer (CMC) or in a Centralized Fault Display System (CFDS) per ARINC 604 and Airbus Industrie ABD-0048.

  • ARINC 707-6 and EUROCAE ED-30 compliant
  • Frequency: 4.2 GHz to 4.4 GHz
  • Operating Range: -20 feet to +5000 feet (double that of other ARINC 700 Series altimeters)
  • Fast Fourier Transform Algorithm and DSP Processing Improves Accuracy
  • Enhanced Multipath and Double Bounce Rejection
  • Software certified to DO-178B, Level A
  • 3 MCU form factor
  • Weight ~ 3,9 kilograms (8.6 pounds)

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