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Sonix-1000 Non-Contact Level Sensor from Automated Sonix Corporation

The Sonix series is a new generation of level controller. It has features not available anywhere, incorporating entirely different and original philosophy that we believe will set a standard for the future.

  • Is truly user-friendly, actually helps and guides the operator with the entering of tank dimensions (height, diameter) during startup.
  • Can be upgraded at any time after the sale to incorporate new features when they become available as a result of our ongoing development in ultrasonic monitoring.

The Sonix monitors level (or volume) of liquids, solids and slurries without ever contacting the monitored surface. This is a truly non-contact method of monitoring. The transducer (also known as 'sensor') is mounted on top of tank above the highest level and is connected to the controller via a coaxial cable. The controller transmits an ultrasonic signal through the transducer, directed toward the monitored surface. The echo, reflected from the monitored surface, is received by the transducer and passed to the controller. Following a sophisticated processing, the time to receive the echo is then converted to level, volume or distance, as required.

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