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Model 5000 Altimeter from Taskem Corp.

The Model 5000 digital altimeter is a precision instrument that will satisfy the most demanding user. It is packaged in the standard 3 1/8” instrument case and will fit into existing aircraft panel cutouts without any modifications.

The design of the Model 5000 is the result of years of development and experience. It is a replacement for our very successful Model 1000 altimeter introduced in 1988, and incorporates new features that customers have asked for and improvements that recent advances in technology have made possible.

It has a full 4½ digit liquid crystal (LCD) display with large, ½” high characters. Because the LCD uses “direct drive” it is easily readable from most viewing angles and does not disappear when viewed from an angle. Also, it does not washout in bright sunlight, but
remains sharp and easily readable. The display includes a backlight for night or dusk viewing.

As can be seen from the photographs, it is available in either U.S. or metric units. Although FEET or METERS are printed on the front panel, the end user can easily switch from one to the other by moving an internal jumper plug. In such cases, a simple “stick-on” label with the new units can be applied or you can purchase a new front panel for a more professional look.Front panels are available at low cost and are easily replaced.

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