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B1 Variometer from Flymaster Avionics, Lda

Flymaster B1 is the most recent flight instrument from Flymaster Avionics. It is a Variometer targeted at soaring flight pilots who do not require integrated navigation features. The B1 is based on Flymaster F1’s proven technology, providing the pilot with an extremely sensitive and accurate variometer, which will detect even the weakest of thermals, giving you the edge above the rest of the gaggle.

Amongst many features the B1 has a real time altitude plotter, 3 altimeters. It can store over 1600 flight log records, with altitude logs on a second by second basis. It also boasts of a high resolution display with excellent viewing contrast and an optional backlight. Another unique feature is an RF interface built into the B1, giving it the capability of connecting several wireless probes simultaneously.

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