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Emprise anemometer from Emprise Corporation

The Emprise anemometer design uses a helical turbine to measure air velocity. As air passes through the anemometer, the turbine rotates at a speed directly proportional to air velocity. Turbine speed is sensed by infrared sensors. The blade rotates on a pair of precision ball bearings. The anemometer blade and support rings are machined from aluminum alloy plate using an extremely accurate electrical discharge machining (EDM) process. Anemometers are available in sizes from 2" to 5" diameter in 1/2" increments.

The Emprise anemometer was developed for use on automotive heat exchangers, but is ideally suited to a variety of flow measurement applications requiring compact and rugged instrumentation. Other applications include vehicle and building ventilation ducts, engine compartment airflow, intake and exhaust manifolds, brake cooling ducts, wind tunnels, and under vehicle airflow. Whenever an accurate and wide-ranging flow measurement is required, Emprise turbine anemometers will provide years of reliable service.

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