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Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detectors from Regton Ltd

The Garrett Ace 150 is easy to use and offers high performance handling without any complex settings or adjustments. The Ace 150 also features great depth, accurate target ID & discrimination. You can search in all metal, jewellery or coins mode for ease of use. The Ace 150 comes with the all new PROformance Rhino coil 6.5” x 9” This is a great value for money machine for the beginner. With the Garrett Ace 150 you can use any one of the interchangeable coils including the new Ace 9" x 12" PROformance coil and the 4.5" Sniper coil to get the most from your Ace detector. The Optional Regton Starter packs are an ideal addition to your Garrett Ace detector, everything you need to get going in the hobby. See the information below for details. The Garrett Ace 150 comes with an instructional DVD (left) to help you get started with the detector.

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