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Model 1201 Accelerometer from A.I.S. Solutions Ltd.

The Model 1201 Accelerometer dimensions is a small, compact uniaxial device designed for vehicle impact and road testing. Its mechanical overload stops provide high shock protection in rugged applications. Featuring ranges from 50 g to 1000g and frequency response to 3000 Hz, this sensor is easily mounted in hard to get places on vehicles under test.


  • 2nd GEN MEMS Sensing Element
  • 1000 g Full Scale Range
  • 2-10 VDC Excitation for Maximum
  • Flexibility
  • 0-50 °C Temperature Range
  • ±40 mV Zero Measurand Output
  • Gas Damping
  • Connector Options
  • Mechanical Overload Stops
  • Designed for Screw Mounting

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