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DV-10 Hercules Hi-Shear Viscometer from Kaltec Scientific, Inc.

The Hercules Hi-Shear Viscometer system measures the viscosity and other flow properties of dispersions and coatings that are subjected to varying degrees of shear. Each viscometer draws the classic "Hercules Rheogram" and reports data.

The Hercules Model DV-10 is equally suited to generate precise, reproducible results demanded by R&D standards and is durable to withstand the harsh treatment of a process control laboratory.

The principal of the Hercules Hi-Shear Viscometer is based on the Searle method of measurement where a cylinder (bob) suspended in a liquid sample starts from rest and begins spinning to a preset rotational speed (shear rate). The spinning effect of the bob is resisted (shear stress) by the liquid surrounding it. This viscous drag causes the adjoining cup to rotate against a known resistance thus producing a torque value. The viscosity of the liquid is calculated from the torque measurement at the maximum shear rate.

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