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RS-120 Scintillometer from Mount Sopris Instrument Company, Inc.

The new RS-120 Scintillometer is the state of-the art in portable hand-held radiation survey search devices for the geophysical industry. It offers an integrated design with a large detector, full weather protection, ease of use and the highest sensitivity in the market segment.


  • Large Sodium Iodide Detector, 6.3 in3 (103 cm3)
  • Lightweight 3.6 lb (1.6 kg) including batteries
  • High Sensitivity (60% greater than current models available)
  • Fast response, making source location easier and eyes free
  • Rubberized case for easy grip even in wet conditions
  • Single Button Operation with digital LCD display
  • Adjustable Audio Threshold Set Point
  • pecial rugged design to withstand typical field usage, full IP67
  • Weatherproofing short term water immersion and fully dust protected
  • Low Power (4 x AA Batteries) Typical 8-12 hour battery life at 20' C
  • Upgradeable to RS-125 Spectrometer (for Concentrations of K, U & Th)
  • High Count Rate - 65,535 cps

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