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QP10n Piezoelectric Sensor from Mide Technology Corporation

The Midé QuickPack™ (Packaged piezos) and Poweract™ (conformable piezos) piezoelectric transducers bring piezoelectric technology to a number of new applications. Through a proprietary manufacturing process, the QuickPack and PowerAct transducer packages piezoelectric materials in a protective skin with pre-attached electrical leads, producing a highly reliable component with no soldered wires. The QuickPack and PowerAct actuator's protective skin also provides electrical insulation and defense against humidity and harsh contaminants. It makes piezoelectrics easier to use and easier to integrate into your products.

Piezoelectric Transducers can do many things. They can operate as sensors, actuators, vibration dampeners, and energy harvesters. Traditionally pneumatic valves have performed such operations using solenoid technology.  However, size, reliability, and power consumption have pushed the limits of these devices.

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