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Particle Detector from Pentagon Technologies

Pentagon Technologies’ QIII+® can dramatically reduce PM recovery time, green-to-green time, and increase the overall throughput of the fab.

Using the QIII+®, you can immediately detect particles to 0.3 micron and localize them within a production tool. This proactive approach to PM cycles will result in savings of up to 30% on PM times and a reduction in particle adders by 50% or more. The result of starting clean is first-time recovery with dramatically lower adders at all particle sizes making your process tools significantly more productive.


  • Predictable, first time tool recovery, every time
  • Reduce recovery time by 25-50%
  • Reduce seasoning and test wafers
  • Reduce pump-purge cycles
  • Increase MTBC by 4x or more
  • Increase tool availability
  • Reduce PM cycle time
  • Reduce troubleshooting events

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