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Particle Detector from El-Mul Technologies

El-Mul’s ScintiMax™ screens are made using a sophisticated brushing process that provides both superior efficiency and outstanding homogeneity.

ScintiMax detectors are standard OEM equipment today in many of the world’s leading tools. With a complete response range to choose from, ScintiMax is the ideal detection solution for a wide variety of industrial and scientific applications.

  • Very high efficiency (from 30% to 300% higher than sedimented screens)
  • Unique homogenous phosphor brushing technology
  • Full range of response times (@10%):
     C55 phosphor 1.3 ns
     E36 phosphor 2.4 ns
  • Optimal for a wide range of electron energies (from 2 to 60 KeV)
  • Stand alone, or coupled to single or chevron MCP
  • Fully customizable design

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