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InGaAs/GaAs Photodetectors from Photonic Solutions

Photodetectors for pulsewidth measurement and pulse profiling. The GaAs (ET-4000/4000A) modules are suitable for wavelengths from 400-900nm and have an active region 40µm in diameter. The InGaAs modules (ET-3500/3500A) have a spectral sensitivity between 1000 and 1700nm (peaking with 900V/W at 1500nm). The cutoff frequency for the un-amplified models (ET-3500/ET-4000) is >10GHz.


  • Ultrafast rise and fall times (<35ps)
  • Wide frequency response (3dB bandwidth > 10GHz)
  • 1000 - 1650nm (ET-3500/3500A)
  • 450 - 870nm (ET-4000/4000A)

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