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Photoconductive Photodiodes from OSI Optoelectronics

The Photoconductive Detector Series are suitable for high speed and high sensitivity applications. The spectral range extends from 350 to 1100 nm, making these photodiodes ideal for visible and near IR applications, including such AC applications as detection of pulsed LASER sources, LEDs, or chopped light.

To achieve high speeds, these detectors should be reverse biased. Typical response times from 10 ns can be achieved with a 10V reverse bias, for example. When a reverse bias is applied, capacitance decreases ( as seen in the figure below) corresponding directly to an increase in speed.

As indicated in the specification table, the reverse bias should not exceed 30 volts. Higher bias voltages will result in permanent damage to the detector.
Since a reverse bias generates additional dark current, the noise in the devoce will also increase with applied bias. For lower noise detectors, the Photovoltaic Series should be considered.

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