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PDA series Amplified Photodetectors from Thorlabs

PDA series of Amplified Photodetectors integrates a wide range of photodiodes with an amplifier into compact packages. The modules possess a thin profile to allow access to light paths with the minimum amount of interference. All connections and controls are located perpendicular to the light path, providing increased accessibility. The low noise transimpedance or voltage amplifiers are capable of driving 50 Ù loads.  All units include a removable threaded coupler that is compatible with many Thorlabs SM1 and SM05 threaded accessories. This allows convenient mounting of external optics, optical fibers, and apertures, as well as providing an easy mounting mechanism when using Thorlabs cage assembly accessories. Each housing provides two 8-32 tapped mounting holes (M4 for - EC versions) centered on the detector surface. A 120 VAC AC/DC power supply is included (230 VAC for - EC versions).

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