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Multi-Axis MEMS Gyroscopes from STMicroelectronics

ST offers a complete portfolio of single-, dual- and tri-axis gyroscopes covering a wide full-scale range (from 30 to 6000 dps) in small LGA packages. The innovatively designed sensors can provide either two separate analog outputs for each axis at the same time – an unamplified output and a 4x amplification to enhance design flexibility and the user experience, or the advantages of both SPI and I²C digital interfaces. Embedded power-down mode enables very low power consumption that, combined with the innovative sleep mode, guarantees fast turn-on time for efficient power cycling.

Key Features

  • Single-axis (yaw), two-axis (pitch and roll, pitch and yaw) and three-axis (pitch, roll and yaw) gyroscopes
  • Complete range of full scales available (30 to 6000 dps)
  • Ultra stable over temperature
  • Low noise level: 0.01 dps/√Hz
  • Amplified and unamplified analog outputs concurrently available
  • I²C, SPI digital interfaces

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