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Fiber Optic Gyroscope from Innalabs Holding Inc.

The Innalabs® INN-101 Fiber Optic Gyro is a small, medium performance, closed-loop single axis fiber optic gyro (FOG). It employs the SLD module with temperature control circuit that keeps the core of SLD temperature at 25°C even the outside temperature change from -40°C to 60°C. The Bias is temperature compensated.

The Innalabs® INN-101 FOG Gyro sets a new standard of performance and price. High reliability, low cost and compact design make this sensor the best choice for low-cost inertial measurement units (IMU), inertial navigation systems (INS), and attitude & heading reference systems (AHRS).


  • Features Drift stability of ≤5 °/hour
  • High angular rate capability, ±400 °/sec Small package
  • Solid state, high reliability, long life

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