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QuantumScan-7 (QS-7) Galvanometer from Nutfield Technology, Inc.

Nutfield Technology's QuantumScan-7 (QS-7) galvanometer scanners are used to position laser beams fast and accurately over millions of cycles. The limited rotation moving magnet motor is coupled to a highly sensitive position detector. The device is controlled through a PID based servo driver to provide amazingly fast and accurate closed loop control.

NTI's QS-7 galvanometer offers the designer the smallest, fastest galvanometer available on the market for 7 and 10mm aperture beams. Designed for applications where speed and size are important, the QS-7's high torque and compact size allows it to be used in system designs where space consideration is important. The QS-7 can be configured and optimized for speed and accuracy with typical beam diameters of 10mm or less.

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