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Moving Coil Closed Loop Galvanometer from Cambridge Technology

The Moving Coil Closed Loop Galvanometer series combines Cambridge Technology's moving coil actuator technology and our patented moving dielectric capacitive position detector design. This combination offers the highest position accuracy and repeatability of any galvanometer based scanner design. These scanning systems can be designed and optimized for speed, size, cost and accuracy with typical beam diameters of 5 mm - 75 mm.


Highest Position Accuracy and Repeatability: The moving coil's superior positioning accuracy comes from the actuator design configuration and patented position detector design. The scanner's front end position detector provides the closest coupling between the mirror and the position detector for the truest positioning. CTI's moving dielectric capacitive position detector is designed to provide superior repeatability and positioning linearity over time and temperature. This capacitive detector, with CTI's 671 servo driver, reduces the optical positioning error, thus allowing single microradian level positioning performance as low as 1.5 microradians.

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