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Olfactometer from Odournet UK LTD.

Now in its third generation, the Olfaktomat-n represents the cutting edge olfactometer for presenting odour samples for olfactometry analysis. The Olfaktomat-n is a fully computer controlled instrument that provides repeatable dilutions over a wide range (12 – 100,000) with a high level of accuracy. 

Combined with the WiNose software the Olfaktomat-n is a turnkey solution to reproducible odour measurement. It is available in a basic model that allows one assessor to work (olfaktomat-n1) and can be supplied or upgraded to a two-assessor (n2) or six assessor (n6) model. Olfaktomat olfactometers are routinely used in close to 20 laboratories around the world.

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