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Dual Axis Galvanometer Based Optical Scanner from Edmund Optics Inc.

These galvanometers offer the highest positioning speed and precision accuracy than any compact, lower cost closed loop galvanometer available in today's market. The low inertia, high speed, high accuracy and compact size of these galvos make them suitable in applications ranging from biomedical systems, optical coherence tomography, laser projection, confocal microscopy and analytical instrumentation.

The dual axis servo driver provides optimal repeatability, linearity, stability and cost in a very compact package. An analog command input of up to ±10V DC results in ±20° mechanical degrees of scanner rotation. The error integrator in the servo loop enables microradian level position accuracy. The built-in system conditioning and position and velocity status monitoring make the integration of the driver board easy and accurate in complex scanning system applications. #59-021 and #59-874 include two galvanometers, a dual axis integrating servo driver amplifier, two interconnect cables, an XY galvo mount, and a 3mm aperture XY mirror set.

  • Advanced Optical Position Detector Design
  • Moving Magnet Actuator Technology
  • Compact Size for Easy Integration
  • High Positioning Speed and Accuracy
  • Very Fast Small and Large Angle Response

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