LED-LE Electro-Optical Sensor from Innovations in Optics

LumiBright LE multi-configurable boards can accommodate from one to sixteen 42 mil LED die from UV to near IR and up to three color combinations. The five collection optics provide optimized output solutions specific to end user applications, such as light guide and fiber optic coupling, projection lighting and unrivaled uniform far field illumination. Heatsink accessories,
thermal pad accessories, and glass optics for high power UV applications are also available.

The LumiBright LE is available in many different optical, die, phosphor, and board configurations. The data below is provided as a general guideline for the specification of the specific configuration that would best suit your product needs. Not all wavelength die are available so please contact us for your specific requirements. Additionally, many different peak emission and bandwidth phosphors are available that can be used to provide a single spectral range or in combination with other LED wavelengths. Detailed specifications will be available.

Other Equipment