GTC-036 Thermocouple Thermal Conductivity Sensor from Myers Vacuum

The CVC/GTC-036 Tube contains a heater element and a thermocouple to read out the heater temperature, and hence infer the pressure. As the pressure in the sensor tube decreases, a rise in temperature occurs since less gas is present to dissipate the heater's energy. The thermocouple senses the temperature change and a temperature dependent output is produced. This output is used to drive a microampmeter scaled in pressure units. The sensing element is housed in a welded nickel-plated, mild-steel envelope. These versatile sensors provide consistent readings and are easily adapted to electronic outputs.

This sensor is used to measure pressure in mechanically pumped vacuum systems, the foreline of diffusion and turbo pumps, the regeneration line of cryopumps, in vacuum insulated cryogenic vessels, and wherever pressures from a few milli-Torr to a few hundred milli-Torr are to be measured consistently.


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