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Laser Focus Sensor - LF210 Laser AutoFocus Sensor

The LF210 Laser Auto Focus system is designed for use with a wide range of reflective samples such as semi-conductor wafers and hard disc drive platens.

Developed from the Industry Standard LF100 the LF210 incorporates a number of refinements that result in a unit which is far more sensitive and stable. This means that it is possible to use the unit to maintain focus on a wider range of specimens. The new modulated laser diode helps to make the LF210 the most stable Laser Focus Unit on the market.

The LF210 can control either a stepper motor focus drive or a piezo focusing device such as the NanoScan from Prior. Spot or Line laser modes are now user selectable which means that a single unit can be used for all sample types regardless of the amount of features present.

The LF210 is suitable for use on upright microscopes equipped with infinity corrected optics. A full range of mounting flanges are available to suit specific microscopes.

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  • Fast Auto-focusing for Reflective Samples
  • Spot or Line mode
  • Piezo Focus Control through 0- 10v output
  • Stepper Motor Focus Control
  • LF100K Keypad for Stand Alone Operations

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