ProScan™III Motorised Stage System from Prior Scientific

The new ProScan III motor controller is modular by design which means the system can be configured to specific requirements.

Capable of driving up to 15 stepper motors, the entry level cube provides 3 axis control along with 4 programmable TTL inputs/outputs to trigger a variety of peripherals. Auxiliary drive modules can be added, either vertically or horizontally, each adding control for a further 3 axes.

ProScan III can be controlled via Prior’s Interactive Control Centre (ICC) which provides positional information, a measurement facility and data for diagnostics.

ProScan III is ideally suited for applications where high precision and accuracy are essential as it represents the latest in stepper motor control technology and provides a wide range of advanced features designed for the most demanding applications. ProScan III also comes with a comprehensive high level software command set including DLL's.

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