END-TIDAL CO2 MODEL C002 Carbon Dioxide Sensors from GoldWEI Corporation

This is the exact same ETCO2 module as Model C002A, except it's the older version and we are discontinuing the production of this module. ETCO2 Module, or end-tidal CO2, or End tidal Carbon Dioxide Module, ETCO2 Module is an OEM module used in Patient Monitors, Ventilators or Anesthesia Machine to monitor the breath status (ETCO2, CO2 waveform, Real-time CO2, Inspired CO2, Respiratory Rate) by measuring exhalant gas from people. It is useful in the ICU, surgery, anesthesia ward, emergency clinic, etc.

The ETCO2 module Model C002 is the best cost effective product in the worldwide market which helps the patient monitor manufacturers to cut the cost to quite a large extend while achieving the same or better performance and functions as the other ETCO2 modules. The ETCO2 module is a complete data collection and analysis system for monitoring respiratory carbon dioxide concentration.

The Model C002 module includes a miniature CO2 sensor, barometric pressure transducer, sampling flow control and a miniature low-power vacuum pump. A microprocessor collects the sensor data and calculates various real-time parameters: instantaneous CO2 concentration, respiration rate, end-tidal CO2, inspired CO2, inspiration and expiration times.

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