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AFL Introduces Fiber Optic Fusion Splicers

AFL Telecommunications, the sole distributor of Fujikura’s products in North America and leader in the field of fiber optic products, introduces the FSM-100M and the FSM-100P, two novel fiber optic fusion splicers into the ARCMaster Product line.

These splicers are to be used for splicing polarization maintaining (PM) fibers. These technically advanced splicing equipments include many components awaiting patents, and tender a multitude of modern tools, to take care of splicing needs in various factories, laboratories, R&D applications and in manufacturing sites.

According to Kiyoshi Nakajima, General Manger at Fujikura’s Splicer Business, the addition of both the splicers, the 100M and the 100P would boost Fujikara’s position as a leading player in the specialty market, and that they were happy to deliver world-class splicing products that could be adapted for a wide array of splicing requirements, as they were trustworthy and steadfast. He stated that these splicers have special capacities to regulate the fusion arc’s plasma zone, and hence they are launched as the ARCMaster series, where ARC stands for Accurate, Reliable and Consistent splicing. These special properties will radically reform the method of splicing different types of specialty fibers, such as low contrast pm, ldf and micro-structured or porous.

The ARCMaster series incorporates dynamic features such as the split v-groove clamping system, special arc calibration technologies, an interrelation profile alignment (IPA) dual pm alignment technology, plasma zone fiber positioning techniques, superior sweep arc technology, internet firmware upgrading options, production friendly designs, a zero degree fiber holder position and enhanced splice loss estimation technology, not obtainable anywhere else in the market.

Currently, splicing is going well beyond telecommunications, into fiber lasers, medical applications, sensors and even R&D. The ARCMaster fusion splicer has been designed to cater to a wide range of clients and markets, and offers the final word on splicing, with its high performance levels and open-ended features.

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